Calendarsunsetntrail.jpgEverybody either absolutely loves or absolutely hates Jerome. I notice that the people who hate it mostly have a fear of either heights or nonconformity.

They used to call Jerome "The Wickedest Town in The West" and it a lot of ways, it still is.

I assume that this below is a Halloween picture - there are not really (usually) Ladies Of The Night hanging out of the windows up in Jerome - they're much more subtle than that.

Jerome is a picturesque mining town, perched high up on the side of Mingus Mountain. The boundaries are small and mostly surrounded by National Forest land, so what you see is pretty much what you're gonna get as far as expansion goes.  Our population last time they counted was 444 residents.

All of the homes in Jerome are either old restored miner's houses or the sweet old Victorians or sweet new Victorians. Jerome is well protected by the Hysterical......  oops!  Historical Society, so there will be no new-fangled looking construction.

The homes for sale range from the poor old Magnolia Street derelict high up on the hill that they couldn't sell for $119,000 so it's being torn down (BOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

To the incredible Surgeon's House B & B for sale for $1,200,000

The views from just about any property for sale in Jerome are stunning. You'll see the San Francisco Peaks overlooking the famous Clark Mansion, Sedona's famous Red Rocks, and Clarkdale and Cottonwood below you.

Clark Mansion

Sedona's famous Red Rocks

Jerome has been called "The New Telluride", which is a description that we locals hate. We prefer that Telluride be called "The New Jerome."

Jerome and Clarkdale homes for sale aren't as affected by the correction of the market as most of our area. Jerome is a limited commodity - if you want historic, views, and character, you don't have many other choices.

Why Jerome? I personally love Jerome and moved here 9 years ago. It's one of a kind. There is nothing like Jerome. It's quaint, it's a tiny town, it's personal.

What's to do in Jerome? Lots. Let's start at the Spirit Room. Go there to listen to The Cadillac Angels on a holiday.

Spirit Room

When you get hungry, wander on up to The Asylum, Grapes, or The Haunted Hamburger, or go down to The Mile High Grill.  There's plenty of shopping, enough to keep you going all day if that's your thing. From Raku pottery to Raspberry arts and crafts to Nellie Bly's designer (aka expensive) jewelry and kaleidoscope store, you'll find a treasure.

The Asylum

Raku pottery

Jewelry and kaleidoscope store

You can just hang out on the steps or in the public park if you want - that's a hoot, people watching. Get a tattoo at the Wicked City Tattoo Parlor in the Old High building from my kid Cody.  Isn't he just adorable? ( You can visit his site at  Correction.  Cody is now in Cottonwood, but I can't stand to delete this picture.

Cody & girl de jour.

Check out Pura Vida Gallery and then go find lots of other wonderful diversions. You will never be bored in Jerome - there's just too much to do!

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OK - so why would you want to own a home in Jerome? Well, you don't have to drive if you party too much? Not good enough? Halloween is special, especially at The Asylum, which totally IS haunted, BTW.

Seriously, Jerome is eclectic, Jerome is special. It either attracts people or it spits them out. If you live here you become part of the magic that is Jerome and you never have to leave. You'll own part of a town that people pay thousands of dollars to visit for a week. You'll own part of that special slice of American history.

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