I love feng shui.  I believe in feng shui.  I’ve seen it work, over and over and over again.

I was explaining feng shui and my infatuation with it to a skeptical client. 

I talked about the basics:


The easy flow of chi (good energy),

Balancing the elements,

Eliminating or blunting poison arrows (bad energy),

Correcting or mitigating unfortunate configurations,

Applying the colors of the bagua,


and just using your intuition and priorities and common sense.


He:  “So feng shui means move your stuff around and life gets better, huh?”


Carol Anne:  “Snort.  It’s a lot more involved than that…..oh…….hmmm ….well, yeah!  Feng shui really IS about moving stuff around and your life gets better.  Plus paint.  That’s exactly what it is!”


He:  “I knew a guy.  He wanted to come in with a compass and charts and paste weird things on my ceiling.  I’m not interested.”


Me:  “I lean towards Black Hat feng shui or Black Sect Tantric feng shui, both of which are looser and gentler.  I’m all about people saying “Ahhhhhhhhhh!  That feels good!” when I’m done.” 

(Not to disparage other schools of feng shui and the more left brain practitioners.  These two disciplines just work well with my brain and my gut and the way that I operate.)



What does this mean to you, and why is feng shui in a prominent box on a real estate website?  

It means that if you’re interested,


I will give you suggestions about how to use feng shui to either sell your listing more quickly and easily,

or I’ll consult about the suitability of the property you’re looking at,

or I’ll happily wave my arms around and point at the things in your new house, and recommend paint.


“For anybody?  For free?”


Sure.  Why not?  Spread the love!  

(However, if you want a detailed report like the one below I will need to be paid - there's 15 to 20 hours in that report.)


Click the button below to view a consultation that I did recently.  

I just re-read this report - It's really good, and made me laugh.  



Feng Shui Report

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