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I love being a REALTOR® when I show property in Clarkdale.  I lived in one of the old Company houses in upper Clarkdale when I was raising my boys - if I didn't live in Jerome I would come back to Clarkdale.  Clarkdale rocks!  It is an awesome place to raise kids.

Clarkdale is actually a town within a town. There's the historic "Company Town" created to support Jerome's mines, and then there's the million dollar homes for sale on big acreage in the Mingus Mountain Foothills

that just happen to be within the Town's city limits, and then there's Mountain Gate, the upscale subdivision that went bust when the market went south.

The Town saved it, though, and Mountain Gate is thriving again.

Usually when people talk about Clarkdale they mean the Company Town.

It's awesome! All of the homes were built between 1912 and 1925. (I realize that to a lot of you from "Back East", that's almost new and it's laughable for us to call them "Historic." Well, welcome to the Wild West! 1912 IS historic here, and we're very impressed with a 100 year old home.

They're rare and hard to find, so Clarkdale historic Victorian homes for sale bring a lot of interest, and a pretty penny.)

Clarkdale is like everybody's home town, or at least what everybody wishes their home town had been. We've got a Towne Square with a pagoda and roses, with concerts in the park while the weather is nice.

Why would you want to live here? Peace. Quiet. Clarkdale is a little slice of when the world was a gentle place. It's a town where kids still play kick the can and folks sit out on their front porches at night. A place where you know your neighbors, and they don't hesitate to borrow you a cup of sugar when you need it. (Nope, that wasn't a typo - That's what my old friend in Clarkdale used to say, "I'll borrow you a wrench, I'll borrow you that red sweater, a dozen eggs..........") The guys at the Clarkdale Classic Gas Station fill 'er up for you, and check the oil and wash your windshield. That's just how it is in Clarkdale - get used to it.

Clarkdale does offer some great eating, small though it is. Su Casa has the best - bar none - Mexican food in the State.

There's The Main Street for a great burger, or the NewsStand for a cold beer on a hot day. You can go to the 10/12 Lounge on Main Street for a cocktail and to listen to some of the Valley's up and coming bands. Of course, for a spectacular day you'll want a ride on the Sycamore Canyon train, run by Verde Canyon Railroads.

You can spend a few hours wandering around the ancient ruins of Tuzigoot.

Especially, come to Clarkdale

on Halloween,

The 4th of July, and for Christmas.

People from all over the State haul their kids to Clarkdale for Trick-or-Treat. They cordon off the street and have a strong police presence because thousands of goblins and princesses come begging. It's a show, and a sight that you'll never forget! The people of Clarkdale decorate to beat the band for every holiday, but they really do it up right for Halloween and Christmas. On the 4th of July, come for the pancake breakfast and watermelon and face painting and music and the parade around the Square. It will remind you of your Grandpa's stories about the good ol' days, when he used to walk to school barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways.

Real estate in Clarkdale runs the gamut from the POS house on Rincon for $65,000

To Shiloh

to 1400 Old Jerome Highway and the historic Upper and Lower houses, pictured at the top of the page.

Want to know more about the houses for sale? Hit "Search the MLS" on our home page, and holler with questions. I'm happy to help!

Carol Anne Teague
Carol Anne Teague
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